Mambokat Biography


Angel & The Mambokats will relieve your world of its mundane 9 to 5 existence by making you a slave to it’s Mambokat rhythm. Mambo- Boogaloo Soul at it’s finest I tell you!


The band’s fearless leader Angel Ferreira rose from the ashes of obscurity after returning from 3 years in CHINA! …YES CHINA! Without even trying, Mambokat music has been heard around the world via FOX TV’s hit show “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dancing With The Stars” and China’s state run media juggernaut OTV. At one time Madonna danced with him, Prince wanted to sign him but was already signed to Virgin Records. George Clooney, Quintin Tarantino, Charleze Theron, Mira Servino, Don Cornelius, Herbie Hancock, Mickey Rourke , Angelina Jolie among other Hollywood heavy hitters have all crossed this Mambokat’s path. In true aristo-kat style, This Mambokat has been secretly busy in the Paris art-world trying to authenticate a long lost PICASSO. While meeting at the famed picasso residence for a viewing, Angel needed to establish some kind of credibility with the daughter & grand daughter of the famous painter. So he plays them mambokat music & video’s on his mac-laptop to enchant and rid them of any counterfeit fears. He too is an artist to appreciate but of the musical kind. Currently Angel Ferreira is embarking on a journey to bring Mambokat music & style worldwide. You to can be enchanted by Angel & The Mambokats acoustic concoctions on facebook.


Mambokat History


• Angel Ferreira Bio (Wet Jam) 1988: It all starts with his Momma buying him his first Michael Jackson LP record and learning how to sing the title song “BEN”, watching his parents dance mambo and cha cha cha to Tito Puente and Celia Cruz’s music, his father teaching him to play the conga drum, choreographing sk8r tricks to Aerosmith and Ted Nugent!, discovering dance as a runaway teen on a rooftop while listening to a transistor radio playing Michael Jackson’s “You Got Me Working Day and Night”, Getting a Ballet scholarship in LA, then going to Cleveland on another ballet scholarship, on to NYC to witnessing the new sound of Hip Hop on the movie set of Beat Street, acquiring another scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet school, dancing and staging cabaret show’s at The Cat Club in New York City. At this point Angel decides to return to LA via Mexico city to embark on a new odyssey. Angel auditions for the MADONNA”S “Who’s That Girl” world tour. Touring on a private jet around the world with Madonna as one of her dancers was a far cry from being a runaway teen. Upon his return from this worldwide experience he begins to take advantage of all opportunities that began to unfold for him. Dancing in video’s, choreography jobs and directing possibilities were all there but Angel started to experiment with his voice. He was then signed to Existia records and recorded his first single called “Wet Jam”. This single produced by Al McKay of Earth, Wind & Fire fame brought in his cronies, the horn section of EWF (The Phoenix Horn’s Esquire) to play on “Wet Jam”. The Existia label recognized his talent as a skilled dancer/choreographer. They realized he could and would direct his own video. His video of his first single “Wet Jam” was seen by millions on a then popular music channel called “MTV International” hosted by Daisey Fuentes. MTV International asked Angel to be a guest on their show and he was exposed for the first time nationwide. Angel worked on a music video assisting Paula Abdul for a band called “Pretty Poison” then was approached by a Virgin records liaison named Lydia Sarno to come in for a meeting to possibly become a Virgin recording artist.


• Angel’s Self -Titled release on VIRGIN Records 1991: He first is offered a demo deal. As the video “Wet Jam” aired, The Coca-Cola beverage company saw “Wet Jam’s” impact on the demographic it was wanting to reach. Soon there were talks and then a deal ensued. While in pre production of this soon to be aired national commercial campaign, Angel worked hard on delivering his demo to Virgin records. The Coca-Cola Classic Campaign aires nationwide the night of the American Music Awards TV show. He has a meeting to review his recording demo with Virgin records executives. Angel gets signed to Virgin Records and begins to record his self-titled album. A year later The first single “Your Love Just Ain’t Right” gets released along with Angel’s 2nd year Coca-Cola Classic commercial campaign.


• Angel rises out of the ashes to create a new beginning. 1994/2012: This Angel found his mojo again and began to formulate a new sound he calls Afro Cuban Neo-Soul. First starting with a band called The Black Mambo Combo and then morphing into ANGEL & THE MAMBOKATS, Angel craved playing with a group of musicians but what he really wanted was a family. Wanting a more credible sound and the ability to perform in true concert form, he began to promote and play for his friends in Hollywood through the 90’s. Cooking and Baking his audio-gastronomical experience with the intensity of Wolfgang Puck’s fervor during the academy’s, it consumed him. Finally taking out of the oven and serving his blend of delicious Afro Cuban Neo-Soul. Angel records two albums under the titles Horizontal Mambo and Mambo Horizontal (En Espanol) but only releases His english version Horizontal Mambo. Lately the sizzling Afro Cuban Neo-Soul sound of ANGEL & THE MAMBOKATS song called “BLACK MAMBO” has been heard by millions on the hottest TV shows worldwide. BLACK MAMBO is a fast mambo that describes his quest for infinite love and was first captured in the essence of dance by Americas favorite male and female dance contestants, Benji and Heidi from Fox Television’s smash hit show, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Then Beijing Olympic Beach Volleyball gold medalist, Misty May Traynor also dancing to BLACK MAMBO on the other monster hit show, DANCING WITH THE STARS. Then China’s most popular show, which is a “Dancing With The Stars ” knock off invites him to perform Black Mambo and choreograph the show’s dancers for their season opener. China’s state run media juggernaut OTV air’s the show to over 50 million viewer’s through out The Peoples Republic of China. After chasing the dragon and a 5 year absence, Angel returns to what he loves…making mambokat music!